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Manage Your Tables And Audit Your Roms

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After wondering how I would keep track of my pinball roms and tables, I decided I'd do a little digging through VPForums and came up with VPLauncher, a nice, yet simple little utility to keep track of your tables. It even has flyers and screenshot support in the GUI.


As for auditing my roms? Well PinMAME uses the MAME core, so why not use Romcenter (or ClrMAMEPro if you like it instead) and have it create a DAT file using PinMAME's EXE?

It worked like a charm and I was able to clean up my pinball roms. You MUST use PinMAMEW though, NOT Visual PinMAME, to generate the DAT file. Visual PinMAME works a little differently and uses a DLL for it's core instead of an EXE.


Hope this helps anyone who has been wondering how to keep a handle on their tables and roms.


P.S. I'm starting work on my own table. I can't tell you it's theme, it's never been done before. :D

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