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Does anyone know if it's possible to change the directory is saves it's savegame files in? because, i'm not exactly thrilled with the fact it saves the games in the same directory you run the rom in.. last thing i wanna do is have 2 copies of roms on my PC, or have to move the roms back and forth every time i wanna play one.

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Yeah this is what annoys me when using emulators too!


Anyway, only now that you mention it have I bothered doing anything about it heh. I just looked at the config file called "zsnesw.cfg" and in it there is a line


SaveDirectory =


So you just change that directory and it will save your games in there. Keeps things nice a neat.


eg If you Zsnes directory is c:/Zsnes


Change that line to SaveDirectory = C:/Zsnes/saves


That should work.

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Thanks alot DCL, I haven't looked in a CFG file for a long time for a program, last time I messed with one i had to spend hours reinstalling a ton of junk :lol:

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