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Metal Slug Page,

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I always come across this page, but can never figure it out.

They have an option to translate the page but all it does is the links and not the body paragraphs, dumb asses!.


they seem to be showing a metal slug editor or somthing?



here is a metal slug fan project, nice to be able to find more info on it.



any info would be great thanks.

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Looks like a polish site....Polish is just gibberish to me. I doubt anyone here knows polish...

Hopefully a Polish person does not read this. :)

Why's that? :-D A perfectly normal statement. I don't hate polish people. Is there any indication of such hate?

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They dont scribe on cave walls any more?

I didnt think the polish had a form of writing.

So, you know what I'm talking about then. :) I just read in the paper two days ago that even the polish themselves have trouble writing their own language...


We're derailing a bit again...

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There are not metal from emulation 3 skriny sluga but from genuine version on PS2. They can not present for many, but it better than nothing. I have added new except it 2 fanarty and mums due to it 38 already. I have given in left for forum menu link (cord) also where you can for game in (to) network announcement zamieszczeñ. Certainly at last old probes in (to) archive not neglect which (who) land.



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