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Ghouls And Ghost Bor Demo


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This game is a classical, man doesn't even look like beats of rage mod. Reminds of long lost classical for the arcades. If u like megaman bor got to play this 1 as well.


what it features in the demo :-




5 characters Complete (Only magic to add, all have complete working long range attacks)

3 levels now complete (boss is nearly finished for the end of the third)

3 Enemies Complete

Various items and obstacles Complete

All music added for demo (may spend time trying to rip better versions)








more screenshots click on this url below








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bor = beats of rage, the game is open source and people are making there own types of game runs mainly on DC but can also used on xbox as well by replacing the BOR.pak of beats of rage.


for more info goto


ported by our friend xport :(



People who made the game

http://www.segaforums.com/senileteam/beats...nload_game.html :-D


Were the rest of BORs cumming from ;D



Its like streets of rage for the (SEGA) genesis

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