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If Your Kawa-hex Is Hanging When Loading Roms


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First of all, hello to everyone! ;)


Excuse me if I'm not able to explain this clearly, but I'll try my best. Just be a little patient...


I downloaded Kawa-Hex, and copied all (the officialy) supported roms to the Kawa-X v11 roms directory


Then I copied the unnoficial ROMs (mslug5nd, cthd2k3, kof99nd and kof2k1n) to the Kawa-X v11 roms directory too.


I started the emulator and selected the cthd2k3 game... The emulator loaded the files, but it hung just before the "Initializing Game" message


This happened to kof2k1n, cthd2k3 and mslug5nd


My cthd2k3 rom was exactly the rom set that was specified in Prican25's rom shots...


I then remembered that one of my friends had this same rom, the same emulator, and it would run fine on his X-box... The difference is, he didn't have all the other supported roms


So I read the "Updated Read Me.txt" that comes with Kawa-Hex and saw what games those unsupported ones replace.


mslug5nd replaces kof2k1nd, the official one, which only has the decrypted c roms, and had to use the parent rom kof2001!


I thought that the emulator could be trying to load something from this parent rom, and then removed it (it was in my directory, since i copied all the official roms first)


I didn't expect too much of this attempt (even though it had some logic on it), but to my surprise, it worked!!


Then I went and also removed the parent kof99 romset, because the new kof99nd didn't need it, and the old kof99nd an kof99p weren't supported on this version of the emulator anymore...


And then cthd2k3 and kof2k1n ran just fine!!


Hope this helps at least someone... :-D

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well first off, kof99 and kof2001 is legit for kawaks (not counted as banned)


as for you problem i don't really know what was wrong but i know for sure all sets ran fine and btw cthd2003 doesn't need kof2001 as a parent since the set used is complete on its own.


for kawa-x, you can make decrypted sets fully decrypted and the roms will load fine. more on that is in the pinned topic encrypting/decrypting

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So I read the "Updated Read Me.txt" that comes with Kawa-Hex and saw what games those unsupported ones replace.

there it is there, :lol: always read the readme.txt first!

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Prican25, my cthd2k3 romset is identical to the one you have on your rom shots file...

I noticed the game is self contained (don't need the parent romset), but since it replaces a game that NEEDS it, maybe it has something to do with it.


The thing is, coincidence or not, my metal slug 5 would only run when I removed kof2001 from my roms directory...


And cthd2k3 AND kof2k1n would only run when I removed the parent kof99 romset (exactly only these two games wouldn't run before I removed kof99).


I posted this topic because I've read some posts here where people had similar problems to mine (the files inside the zipped romset loaded, but the emulator hanged just before the "Initializing Game" message)


I posted this so it could be of some help... sorry if I said something wrong (hope I didn't :lol:)


Best regards,



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what they replace shouldn't be there in the first place, thats why theres 2 emus for kawa-hex so you could play all thats listed in the readme.


if you're using parent roms in kawa-x for encrypted games (mslug3, kof99-01, garou and so on) i highly suggest you just make fully decrypted sets and get rid of the parent roms as it isn't need if you make fully decrypted sets.

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