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DreamSNES v0.9.8 Released

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A new version of DreamSNES, a SNES emulator for Dreamcast, has been released. Here's the list of changes to v0.9.8:

SA-1 emulation fixed (Super Mario RPG now works (again))

C4 emulation implemented (MegaMan X2/X3 now works)

Putting a file called "NO_ROMS.HERE" in a directory prevents it from being scanned for roms.

Added in game menu that lets you choose among other things to reset the game or jump to the next or previous game on the CD.

Fixed sprites in hires mode with transparencies on. Fixes Tokimeki Memorial.

Fixed memory map for Super Dante RPG maker.

Improved buffer handling in mpeg player.

New locales: Charnego and Romanian.

Get it HERE [url="http://www.lysator.liu.se/dreamsnes/dsinstaller.zip"]http://www.lysator.liu.se/dreamsnes/dsinstaller.zip[/url]

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This is great news for a DC fanboy like me 8)

If anyone needs help with making a selfboot copy of Dreamsnes v.0.9.8, feel free to post in the DC emulation forum.

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