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Need Help With Network Card Question


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I just recently formatted my HDD on my PC and reinstalled all the drivers for all my cards including my network card.

I have always used Flashfxp for transfering files back and forth from my Xbox HDD.And I always leave my Xbox always connected to my PC with my crossover cable. But for some strange reason.......if my pc is off and i switch on my Xbox. It automatically turns on my PC as well.

I can't figure it this out since it never used to do this before. Now if my PC is turned off i have to disconnect the crossover cable from the back of my xbox before turning it on, otherwise i end up turning on my PC too.

Is there a way to fix this?.

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There is probably an option in your network card properties for "allow this device to wake / turn on the computer" What this does is it allows the newtwork card to start the PC whenever a connection in present. If you uncheck this option, all should be as you want it to be.


That's my best guess :devil:

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