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Controller Blues


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i was wondering if anyone else had problems with fbax4 xmas ed. i can't seem to map my buttons at all. it seems no mater how i map my buttons on the set up scrn they turn out to be wrong in the game. i was playing sfa3, and samsho4. it seems that my hard punch-kick, and med kick buttons refuse to be mapped to anything other than the defult buttons there set with. any ideas?


i'm using the regular xbox small pad, and a pelican arcade stick.





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yeah i also have this prob in fbax as well as kawa x. my button mappings are screwed, kick will be reversed with low punch, and med kick is replaced with low punch. i emailed lantus about it but no response. i am using a reflex arcade stick.

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sp1200 i found the answer!!! after a bit of frustion i was able to come up with an answer for anyone else who have the same problems. if u look under the E:\TDATA\FFFF0504\ u should find a config folder or something close to it. inside there lives all the mapping presets for every game u played. it's in the form of an.ini file. after a bit of playing around i was able to reconfigure everything. it isn't hard. here is a guide i made through just in case.


82 = X

80 = A

81 = B

83 = Y

84 = Black

85 = White

86 = Left

87 = Right


add a 1 in front of it for player two ie: 182 = x


i was using the pelican and madcatz controller i guess it swaps the black and white buttons but here is my sett up for anyone else who runs into the same prob.

// FB Alpha Config File for the game Street Fighter Alpha 3 (US 980904)


version 0x029497


input "P1 Coin" switch 0x4020

input "P1 Start" switch 0x4010

input "P1 Up" switch 0x4001

input "P1 Down" switch 0x4002

input "P1 Left" switch 0x4004

input "P1 Right" switch 0x4008

input "P1 Low Punch" switch 0x4082

input "P1 Mid Punch" switch 0x4083

input "P1 High Punch" switch 0x4085

input "P1 Low Kick" switch 0x4080

input "P1 Mid Kick" switch 0x4081

input "P1 High Kick" switch 0x4084


input "P2 Coin" switch 0x4120

input "P2 Start" switch 0x4110

input "P2 Up" switch 0x4101

input "P2 Down" switch 0x4102

input "P2 Left" switch 0x4104

input "P2 Right" switch 0x4108

input "P2 Low Punch" switch 0x4182

input "P2 Mid Punch" switch 0x4183

input "P2 High Punch" switch 0x4185

input "P2 Low Kick" switch 0x4180

input "P2 Mid Kick" switch 0x4181

input "P2 High Kick" switch 0x4184

input "Reset" switch 0x4012

input "Diagnostic" switch 0x4025

input "Service" switch 0x4024

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I've been using this method for some time to have different key configs for different games. I generate the config files using the PC version of FBA, fix the buttons then transfer to the Xbox.


However, when doing it this way, I haven't yet found a way of assigning macros (3xPunch, 3xKick, etc.) to the L and R buttons as the emulator does with its default setup. Adding them in the standard FBA format doesn't seem to work. Any ideas?

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