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Help Finding A Driver.....


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I recently found my old SMC EZ Connect 10/100 (SMC2206USB/ETH) USB Network Adapter....but I could not find the driver disc that came with it and my old laptop which runs Windows 98 SE needs the disc so it will let me use the blasted thing...


I have searched everywhere that I know of for this driver but with no luck....If anyonw knows where I can download this I will be very greatful....



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I Found This At DriverGuide.com I Think its An Exact Match, The File Saids That The Driver Is For "SMC-EZ connect 2206 usb/eth". Here's A Link For The File:


Hope THis Works For Ya

If You Want More Drivers At DriverGuide.com Use The User Name And Password They Gave Me

Username: driver

Password: all

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