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Simple FBAX Question

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I have been playing around with the FBAXGhozt program and really like it alot better that the KAWAX I've been using. One thing I can't figure out is how to add credits to the game. It says in the readme that the back button adds coins but it doesn't seem to work. Also changing the DIP to freeplay does not seem to work also. Am I doing something wrong or should I just stick with KAWAX. I've tried on all six Metal Slug games and can't get it to add credits on any of them, just seems to have 5 credits available. I'd appreciate any help you guys could give me. Thanks.

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its the same as kawa-x, pressing back (next the start button) adds the coins.


also note that theres a bug in b4 that has neogeo games starting out in aes mod instead of the default mvs setting so it may not be coins to insert but for you to press start.

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How do I make this change from AES to MVS mode? ie to become the default?

Also, the neogeo roms are defaulting to Japanese language, how to make the English language the default again?


Kind Regards....


EDIT: I find this info in a previous post, they are bugs... dont I feel stupid now?


Anybody care to add new links for razorbladesmile' skinpack?




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Thank you Prican... those dipswitches come in very handy!


The first time I tried them - no writing or eg further thing came up on the screen, but later I tried again and these nice settings came up!


Uni bios is cool, after enabling it then run the rom again, I can go to servicemode(?) (memory bad) and enable Blood! so now English again but w/ blood (hard to believe i have used fbax for a little while and never used the dipswitch menu before, sad I know but its true)...


Now I just read the post about how to remap the buttons too, way cool, those little black and white buttons on the S - pad are a pain to use for me


Very Happy! Thanks again

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