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Beats of Rage soundtrack

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Some of these songs on this soundtracks are incredibly hard to find with my convential search methods (such as VNV Nation - Saviour). Are there any better search servers, P2P programs, or mirc channels for music that I could use to get these songs?


Edit: By the way, this is the soundtrack.


Opening Title: Yuzo Koshiro - Main Theme Drum 'n' Bass Mix

Stage 1A: Coretex - Ascension

Stage 1B: SNK - The Trembling Male Soul, King Of Fighters '95

Boss: Yuzo Koshiro - SOR1 Boss BGM

Stage 2: VNV Nation - Saviour

Stage 3: Juno Reactor - Guardian Angel

Stage 4A: Jesper Kyd - Wasteland

Stage 4B: Front Line Assembly/Cydonia - Columbian necktie

Stage 5A: SNK - Music from Kizuna super tag battle

Stage 5B: Front Line Assembly - Columbian necktie (Goarge mix)

Stage 6A: Prodigy - The trick

Stage 6B: Project Pitchfork (VNV Nation remix) - Existence

Mr. Y: Cubanate - Ordinary Joe

Ending & Staff Roll: Louis Armstrong - We have all the time in the world

Bonus Stage: Future Sound Of London - My Kingdom

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