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If he still lives with his folks and if they are anything like mine where then he had better put a lock on his door!


My mum threatened to through out or give my classic stuff away, luckily she never, but now I’m quite lucky, the g/f is partial to a bit of gaming now and then but she and our flat can only take so much! lol

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my parents dont exactly know


my mom is one of those people that throws EVERYTHING away...it drives me nuts


if she threw away a perfectly good DC i would be so pissed you couldnt even imagine


(RANDOM STORY!!!: One of the DCs in my room is hooked up to a Switch controlled outlet, so i take a 8.5X11 sheet of paper over the switch that sayed DO NOT TOUCH THIS SWITCH! sure enough, i get back from school and my mom ripped just enough of it off to turn the switch off, nothing in the outlet was turned on either, hell, nothing in my entire room was turned on...god she is dumb...)



Reason i have so many US DCs, is because when you buy a DC at my gamestop, you get a free game, a DC is 30 dollars, whenever i had to buy a 30 dollar game, i just bought a DC and took the 30 dollar game, so i got a DC free with the game pretty much


The other DCs i either bought for imports because boot discs annoy the hell out of me


Some where givin to me


some i just bought more than one so i have a DC in a few rooms (DC network!!! we have cool quake matches)


my parents only know of about 10 of them :-D

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you need a new power supply, get one at Lik-Sang if they have any left or looks somewhere else


OR you can try this




Any MAYBE i could get you a new DC if you needed it, depends if you want one of the special ones like the Sega Sports, Seaman, etc. releases, i probably wont sell those

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Thanks for the help. I just don't know if I should get a new power supply or a new DC. How much would you sell me a new DC for? Including the shipping.



well lik-sang is out of power supplies. I'll hit up the pawn shops when I get home and hope they have one in stock.

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