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Get Xbox Live/PS2 Broadband To Work With Dialup


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you have no idea how much it pisses me off when people claim my guides are bullshit so heres proof, i edited out all the crap like me waiting for a decent room to get into and stuff, so thats why there are cutouts



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just pause it and squint


im not uploading the full quality unedited 6 minute 35MB video


the only crap i edited out was pretty much me loking for a full room and stuff, boring, and unneeded and i needed a smaller upload, i wasnt gonna leave it full quality and suck bandwidth either


it works, beleive me, i haev a video

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most people complain about there connections with dsl how in the hell is dialup going to be fun. and some games does cause others to lag since some games try and even out the lag. I have to say this is one of the stupidest ideas ive heard. one of my buddys tryed to use his dialup on xbconnect he said it was impossible to play.

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why is it a stupid idea?


for the five millionth time, it DOES NOT, lag, barely ever, i rented Ghost Recon again, the headsets where enabled, and there where 4 other players im pretty sure, and it didnt lag


Mechassault NEVER EVER lags, it has NEVER lagged even once


Unreal NEVER EVER lags, if your on a good server, and there is 6 or less people


Why would it suck if it works?


The reason it would lag ALOT on XBConnect is simple, When you do a direct system link, it sends EVERYTHING back and forth, every animation, every bit of data, every tiny movement, EVERYTHING


When you play online, it sends ALOT LESS data back and forth, when you play online, you may notice other players cant see as much of what your doing as when you are playing with a system link


People who say it lags on DSL are stupid, My friend has 150K Cable, and it never lags, ever, for any game, no matter the circumstances, I DO play most of my Xbox Live on my other friends 300K Cable, but thats only when i need to get Content Downloads, which take forever on dialup.


It works practically flawlessly, saves you money, and is easy. Saying this idea is stupid is like saying Buying a Dell is better than buying a Gateway just because the Dell says "Dell" on it.


Its the same thing, with little limitations, so why not?


I KNEW this was going to be a topic that would be bitched about ALOT, some people are just stubborn, which is why i was reluctant to post it, sometimes you just have to wait tilla system is dead before releasing any info on how it cheat it, because then bitchy fanboys and such get paranoid their favorite system's company losing a few bucks, other gamers on their systems being cheated, and ruining their system somehow


and NONE of that is going on right here, learn about whats actually going on before arguing against it

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ok lets calm down. not everyone will agree with your theory so you should expect that. many of us have different experiences with dial-up use and its not by far perfect as you claim it to be.


as i stated before, i played socom online a few times and it allowed dial-up users to play and they were the worst to play with due to lag and that is the very same reason why sony has damn near dumped support for dial-up users in the latest online games.


either way you put it theres no denying the fact that dial-up isn't perfect for everyone as it is to you.

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thats the thing, it works as well as i stated before, im not making anything up, which is why its pissing me off, if you dont beleive me, try it before you start saying its impossible


need a reliable FREE, dilaup ISP to test it with? Send me a PM!


It IS as perfect as I claimed it to be, and if you want, you can see for yourself, this is why im pissed, i dont make this crap up, i work my ass off and submit guides all the time to this website


Do i ask to be modded? no

Do i ask for benifits? no

Do i ask for ANYTHING AT ALL? no


So the least you could do is give me the benifit of the dought here.


Also, im talking about Xbox Live, i havent tested it as much with PS2 simply because most of those games work with the Dialup in the first place


Xbox Live has servers and special connect methods that help prevent lag, while PS2 doesnt, which probably influences this ALOT.


I didnt say ALL games wherent going to be perfect either, i have tested it with like 5 games, all the other games i tested it with where just for content downloads, which work, but take forever.

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just note, most sony online games don't support dial-up as much now as when the adapter first came out. games like socom 2 and the up coming rainbow six are broadband only. the ea games allow dial-up in most of their games but again one of the worst to play against.


again, not everyone shares on your theory due to their experiences with dial-up. so don't start with all this hate just cuz someone doesn't agree, its their opinion and they're intitled to it.

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I can confirm that Tetris Worlds and Mechassault work nice like a mofo on 56K


There is NO problem. it is like I have Broadband or something!! EXCELLENT WORK DUDE!


I Will be buying Unreal Champ in a few days. Do you know any other games that play this well?


BTW Thanks again, this rocks.

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Ill send you the user/password for the dialup im using


if you actually bothered to watch the video (obviously you didnt) you will notice there isnt any lag at all, i havent lied a single time


it lags on XBConnect YES, i hjave tried to play halo (because no one plays anything else on there) and it blew.


i dont hate anyone im just mad, because im not lying, and you refuse to agree with me when im right


If their bitching about lag on Broadband, they set their network up wrong, their complaining about 1 frame of lag, or their just idiots

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