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So whats the latest on KOF2003 coming to NRX?


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Ha! And his CPS-3 cracking friend is none other than Sharim. I bet we'll get a warning for harassing this guy :-D

yeah yeah WHATEVER

btw what is Sharim ?, is that a name or you mama's name :P

Sharim is a guy that lied about having the KOF2K3 rom and that he or his close friend Billy Jr. would release it soon. Then he got all defensive and stuff when we asked for proof. He got mad and never showed anything and just said "I have it I have it, if you don't believe me T_T sob sob sob."


And he was banned forever from this forum.

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Well guess it finally came out for NRX but,like all recent Neo-Geo dumps it needs some urgent fixing. Is the game already running perfectly on other emus? Hope Poirot makes a pack for this.... another thing, is the console mode menu supposed to look like that? Looks like something out of an incomplete version of KOF2003 or something....

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