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Need help with ripping Turboduo CD games...

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I've lurked here for a while and finally registered! Hoping someone can help me...


I'm making backups of my Turbo CDs (I only own a few) for use in Magic Engine 0.99 b5. I'd also like to be able to share them down the road. I'm ripping to ISO/APE/MPC.


Some work and some don't. 4in1 works fine, as does forgotten worlds. Prince of Persia won't load (blank screen) and It Came From the Dessert stalls after the title screen (stuck in black).


I've looked at the Magic Engine forum and haven't found anything regarding this issue or these particular games.


Is there a definitive guide to ripping your own turbo CD games? I'm using Nero's "save tracks" to ISO and WAV. (I later switched to exact audio copy for the WAVs). This doesn't get me a.cue sheet though. I've been surviving off.cue sheets off the net (few and far between), or altering existing ones to fit the track listings of games I can't locate a.cue for. CloneCD will make a.cue only after ripping the whole disc, and even then it's not formatted "correctly". EAC will create a.cue, but discount all the ISO tracks! I've heard some people use CDRwin, but other say it doesn't work...


I load the games with alchohol 120%--I'm trying to avoid burning CD copies of each game. The.cue sheets are accepted by alchohol, and like I said (far too many paragraphs ago), about half of them work. =)


Any pointers? Guides? I love the turbo, and the 'net has breathed new life into my duo! I never thought I'd get a copy of Dracula X, I can tell you that!


Though Magic Engine isn't 100% perfect, I've grown accustomed to emulating my systems--and tv-out plus PSX to USB adapters are wonderful things!


Thanks for any help!

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CloneCD will make a.cue only after ripping the whole disc, and even then it's not formatted "correctly".


Do you mean with that that you tried ripping the game with clonecd, mounting it on deamon tools and then playing it with Magic Engine? Because that was going to be my suggestion.

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To be honest, I never tried it that way. I'd read somewhere that the formatting won't work. For example, CloneCD will give the following for a.cue:


FILE "Prince_of_Persia.img" BINARY


INDEX 1 00:00:00

TRACK 2 MODE1/2352

INDEX 0 00:40:09

INDEX 1 00:43:09


INDEX 0 01:19:25

INDEX 1 01:21:26


Whereas the working.cue sheets from the internet are formatted like this:


FILE "Prince_of_Persia_Track01.wav" WAVE


INDEX 01 00:00:00

FILE "Prince_of_Persia_Track02.iso" BINARY

TRACK 2 MODE1/2048

PREGAP 00:03:00

INDEX 01 00:00:00

FILE "Prince_of_Persia_Track03.wav" WAVE


PREGAP 00:02:00

INDEX 01 00:00:00


I'll try mounting it the way you suggest, but even if it works, it's not really the solution I was hoping for. Storing full BIN/CUE backups will chew up some serious drive space, whereas storing ISO/APE will save on space, and all I have to do to play a game is temporarily decode the APEs to WAVs.


I'll try making an.img tonight and mounting that...

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