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Where can i get SS5 ROM for NRX?

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Yeah but release date + ROM release date (prob. 1 month or so after release)+ working out all the glitches and bugs and releasing a NRX version= A LONG WAIT. Kof 2003 aint even out for NRX yet!!! Well anyways i got the ROM and am about to rename it problem is that the files are in BIN format and IIRC NRX crashes if a ROMS' files are in BIN format. So i need to know 2 things: 1)Is what i just said true and 2)IF the answer to number1 is yes is there any way i can convert BIN to ROM or should i just download yet another ROM? Thanks :lol: *disappears*

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Oh man that really sucks! I was at Neogamez pretty much all of last night getting fixes and CRCs for my ROMS! :) Well anyways i downloaded another ROM and it works, fixed it with Poirots fix pack (the V ROMS fix didnt want to work though,probably cuz it was a DOS executable and i have Win XP :D ) so disregard this topic....

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