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King of Valor...Help!!!!!


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Hey somebody Knows whic are the corrects Crc´s of the game King of valor KOV.zip to play it on MameX or MAMEOX of Xbox, cause I have this set:

a0600.rom crc d8167834

a0601.rom crc ff7a4373

a0602.rom crc e7a32959

a0603.rom crc ec31abda

b0600.rom crc 7d3cd059

b0601.rom crc a0bb1c2f

m0600.rom crc 3ada4fd6

p0600.117 crc c4d19fe6

p0600.119 crc e4b0875d

pgm_m01s.rom crc 45ae7159

pgm_p01s.rom crc e42b166e

pgm_t01s.rom crc 1a7123a0

t0600.rom crc 4acc1ad6

and didn´t works, according to what i Know the last 4 files are the bios, but there is no problem if i let in the kov.zip file or do I need a pgm.zip??

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