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NeW Server Coming Soon + Donation News!!

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Either by Friday or this weekend, we will be switching servers. Were warning everyone, there may be some downtime! Hopefully though, very little or none. When were transferring the files, we are going to have to close the forum to keep everything up to date as is. The biggest enhancement with the new server is a major increase in website speed. If your on a OC connection or something, this website will load in a second at most or even less. There will most likely never be downtime anymore after and everything will be a lot more stable.


Lastly, I want to make a major announcement on the PayPal donations. We lost around half of our donations because of the delay it took for us to get a bank account. So most of you got your money sent back to you. If your still interested in helping us with server costs, the please sent us the donations again. Currently we don't have enough donations to host this site for even a month at most. Soon we may result into banner advertisements. Donations can help delay this idea completely.


Thank you for all the support and thanks for reading. :ph34r:

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