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Win Mugen Hack

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Then make sure you quickly slurp all that spit up because this hack is a royal disaster.

A couple of Mugen vets were whining about how elecbyte did everyone sheisty so they decided to hack the linux version so that it works in windows. Apparently you can only add a maximum of two characters and the only modes of gameplay are Arcade, Vs, and Watch. The readme file says that it was hacked Jan 12, 2004 so any other talk about it being fake before that date was true...but now it's real.


On the plus side...sound and music works fine...for those having XP troubles. Win Mugen loads up instantly and none of the scratchy sounds that are apparent when using XP.


EDIT: Sorry but the mods said I had to remove the link cuz it wasn't an official elecbyte site. Apparently the crew that made it call themselves "elecbyte1" I dunno...

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