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anyone else here a big fan of this game?

my problem is i have nearly finished it and was wondering if anyone could recomend any other games like it for any system.

i have GC and PC and a DC so anything for these would be best :blink:

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It's truly an amazing game, I really love it. Sadly it's also quite unique, I couldn't name another game that is like it really. Maybe if you just look at the game play it's comparable to the Panzer Dragoon games, which are also really good but in another way. Or you could try out Space Channel 5 part 2 for DC, it's not like REZ at all but it's made by the same dev team (UGA) and it's my favourite rythm game.

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Rez is Rez. It's a shooter game (sorta) that combines phychedelic graphics and some nifty trance tunes. You play as a hacker who goes through cyber-space and blasts viruses and other malicious software. ( At least, that's how I percieved it.)


Blasting viruses shapes the music, and the music alters the shapes and colors of the "world".

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