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Hell YES!!!

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every time i look at this topic i get pissed off and want to write 17 pages supporting that fact that the Dreamcast is the best system ever and anyone who says otherwise is stupid.....(ive done this before at another forum)


so i wont be posting in this topic anymore...i hate being pissed off...

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Nod, I loved my Dreamcast and just now got a replacement for free (the sports version). Actually, I've been trying to find a Saturn around here locally to no avail. The local used game place tells me their company has sworn off anything Saturn and will not even carry games *sobs*. I'll probably have to find one online somewhere, but I'm not that comfortable with it since the only thing I've ever bought online is a hard drive 3 years ago.

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I love my dreamcast. It's the only system I play now (yes, even over my PS2) mainly because I can play backups/imports without mods. I got some 70+ of the top games for Dreamcast...I'm lovin' it!! Some of the best games came out for Dreamcast:

Sonic Adventure 2

SFIII: Third Strike

Jet Grind Radio






That's only to name a few...also including emulators for Neo Geo, Gens, SNES, NES, and Homebrews also. IMHO, one of top revolutionary systems to come out.

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