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Myapologies Kawa-Next does not play All

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Says it is loading n (upper right)

Cant' find m

Yes that's wierd considering Kawa-Plus loads it.

So now there are 2 games Kawa-Next does not play, but so far that is all after all my testing.

Prican25: In reading in your other posts I see there will be no choice but to use at least 2 emulators, and now that I see there are different versions of svc chaos ( I have been fixing roms instead of playing I never noticed), it now has become and non issue for the holy grail of one emulator, I now have a better understanding. bangbead works fine in other versions. Try it out you will see what i mean. I also think Hex will be the first with KOF2k3.

Thanks for the help
John Edited by John1220

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its an encrypted game. if you got both roms (bangbead and bngbeadn), make it into 1 complete decrypted set and keep the decrypted name (bngbeadn). Edited by Prican25

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