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Fatal Fury Special for Kawa-X


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Ok, i was in the mood for some classic fighting games since i'm on my ass for this whole week due to some knee surgery, well when i tried to play fatal fury special it asked for a p3 rom :D well i've done some searching and none of the sets i found has the p3 for it ;)


i also tried to just hexed out the p3 and just keep the p1 and p2 (thx to N3OGH0ST for the help) and loads but to a scrambled screen that locks up the box :blink:


so I'm asking if anyone has the set witn the p3 that they can plz email me the p3 rom from that set


just to note, i tried the same romset in fbax and even winkawaks and it works no prob


058-P3.BIN 512K CRC:9F0C1E1A

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