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Crazy iso format, how do i burn it.

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2 of my iso's are.rar files that have files simply called "File001" through somthing like "File009" What kind of files are these? are they titled that simply because my computer does not know how to recognize them? Can I just burn these like my other games?


Thanks for the info

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Actually i can unrar them and they open a window that says that the file is a.cdi, but when i try to move it to another folder to put the rest of the files i get a message that says that I dont have the following volume to continue extraction, bla bla bla. Im using a cheap.rar extractor i found along time ago, but i really dont know/?

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you're supposed to unpack all the files and then when it ask you for the next file look for the folder where you unpacked your files, if you're still missing files then you need to find the full version.

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use WinRAR


Open the.001 file, it will say something like WHat do you want to open it with?


select WinRAR


it will open and then you extract


you get an image


burn the image


(i actually use PicoZip because it can open every compressed format their is hehe, but i still have to use this method anyway....oh well, i can open Unix Compression ;) )

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