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kawa-x hex edit HELP!!


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i need help you see.... i have the kof2k3 rom and i want it to run in kawa-x v.11 for (xbox emulator )

i was woundering can some one help me out with this one!!!1


here are the rom files from the zip::


***please help***


271-c1d.rom size 8,388,003 crc e42fc226

271-c2d.rom size 8,388,003 crc 1b5e3b58

271-c3d.rom size 8,388,003 crc d334fdd9

271-c4d.rom size 8,388,003 crc 0d457699

271-c5d.rom size 8,388,003 crc 8a91aae4

271-c6d.rom size 8,388,003 crc 9f8674b8

271-c7d.rom size 8,388,003 crc 374ea523

271-c8d.rom size 8,388,003 crc 75211f4d

271-m1d.bin size 8,388,003 crc 0e86af8f

271-p1.bin size 4,194,304 crc 92ed6ee3

271-p2.bin size 4,194,304 crc 5d3d8bb3

271-s1.rom size 131,072 crc c47f8ac3

271-v1d.rom size 4,194,304 crc d2b8aa5e

271-v2d.rom size 4,194,304 crc 71956ee2

271-v3d.rom size 4,194,304 crc ddbbb199

271-v4d.rom size 4,194,304 crc 01b90c4f

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