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Xbox emulator


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first off is your xbox modded? it has to be to run emulators.

as for burning there are alot of good tutorials at xbox-scene.

but you need to know which dvd drive you have in your x box too, older drives are picky about media. :lol:

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X-box mod-chips cost about $50 Australian. I don't know where you live but there will probably be a vendor near you that sells them. If not, this site : http://www.cyber-mag.com/station/ sells them, just click on the "x-box" link on the left panel note that this is an Australian vendor though but I think he ships overseas...but also your X-box may have to be the type they sell in Australia. Check those details out before ordering!


He will install the chip himself for an extra $50 however you would have to send your x-box to him through the mail (and pay for postage). Somebody near you can probably do it, though I wouldn't recommend doing it yourself as it requires soldering with a small-point soldering iron (that's if its anything like the PS2 anyway).

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they make no-solder chips for the x-box. thats what I have. it was pretty easy to get set up but you need to know that any chip will void your warrenty and get you banned from Live if it is running and you are using live. although I understand a new chip is comming that will not be recognized by live. anyways ask around at your local video game retailer. alot of times the guys in there know someone who installs chips if you don't think you can do it yourself. and about finding a chip seller just google "xbox mod chip and you will find plenty of sites that sell them. between $30 -$60 dollars US.

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