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.bin diffrences in size


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:huh: Hi every one. I'm new to the forum but i doubt anyone cares you just want to read the post so here it is. :lol:


Whith Mslug4 people are talking about diffrent.bin sizes. THere is the m1 that is suppose to be 64k while someone said they havea working 256 k and the c5 and c6 roms have diffrent sizes from 4megs to 8megs and so on and so forth. :P my question is what are the diffrences in the sizes. If somone could post a link as to what the diffrent bins actually do and why there are diffrent sizes that it would be much appreciated. :(


:blink: I :ph34r: Really :( Like :o The :P Smiley B) Faces.... B) sorry

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well for mslug4, you need the original rom zip (its 74mb or so) for the 64k m1


as for decrypting you can use winkawaks to decrypt the c roms and give you an s rom in most cases (go to tools option before loading the rom and choose to keep decrypted files)


rotd is in the same manner (it too has a 64kb m1) except that the v roms have to be cut for it to be decrypted as there is 2 v roms in the original rom zip


to make things easier for you, just find the decrypted sets (rotdn and mslug4n) and use the roms you wanted but again for the m1's you need the big ones

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