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Some Questions

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Hi, I got some questions...

1) Are there more games like Marvel vs Streetfighter, that when u use diffrent region (Us,Eu,JP etc.) there are a extra character (Mr. Norimoto) or is there a site where i can see the differents between the clones???

2) I saw in the neorageX hack that there a many different version of Kof for example (like H1. H2 H3) what thats means??

3) I got a prob. with KOF2K, graphic is messed up, is use NeoRageX 0.9c anyone know how 2 fix?

4) Is there anyway to run MSLUG5, SAMSHO5 and SVCCHAOS on Kawaks 1,46 hack? it already shows me SSV and SVC but not MSLUG5, i found a.dat somewhere in the web and when i overwrite it shows me mslug5 but the other both not....?? anyone a clue??

5) Is there a neorageX version who can play SSV,MSLUG5 and SVC?would be sweet if someone can help ! sorry for so much questions in one thread but i dont want to flood the forum with questions =) sorry for bad english im german

(EDITED BY: GameCop.. REASON: Learn forums before you post.)

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[quote name='Barran' date='Jan 13 2004, 08:50 PM']:)  damn sorry i dont wanted a poll! :huh:[/quote]
I fixed it... but please READ THE BOARD RULES!!
This is your last warning, you creating a big mess and it took me some time to fix your thread. The board rules can be found [url="http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php?act=boardrules"]HERE[/url]!

If this happens again..expect your posting abilities to be suspended like I said for a week or so until you learn how to post correctly. ;)

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