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NeoRage Modification

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Well, currently, I use two NeoRage versions, the EGCG version Final which plays SVC Plus, SS 5 among the other newer titles such as KOF2K2. Although it gives some graphic errors on some of the roms (On my C3 Cyrix with SiS630 video card anyway, on Win2k), it's fine, and another one which is hacked to run Metal Slug 5.


For me it is very much a hassle to quit just to load pretty much the same program just to load one ROM. Well, does anyone here have any idea on how these "hacked" Neorage(s) are made? Recompilation? Hex-Edit? So that I could make my own version that could load SVCPlus and Metal Slug 5...... ^^

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Since NeoRAGEx is almost completely coded is Assembly, I think that some ASM hacking is used to make these "hacks". Of course, one shouldn't rule out hex-editing or reverse-engineering either. Unless you know a great deal about ASM, don't bother trying to hack NRX yourself.


Furthermore, the NeoRAGEx executable is compressed, so you would have to decompress it first.


Like I've said many times before, I use NeoRAGEx 0.8c to play all games exceot SVC, SSV and MS5... And I don't gt any graphical errors.

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Hmmm..... OK, thanks for the info.... ^^


Well, the graphical errors for me was caused by the EGCG version of NeoRage, I have another Neorage version which causes SVC Plus to be playable (Incomplete, stops on dialog boxes), whenever I try to load Metal Slug 3 and KOF2000 in that Neorage, it loads it fine, but in the EGCG version, it has some graphical errors (Which can be removed by removing the front layer in the screenshot factory of Neorage).......... I'm just kinda annoyed because I now use 3 different versions of Neorage to use different Neo Geo roms..... =P

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