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I got the Echleon release of Fatal Fury Mark of the Wolves. Mines boots up and works and everything but the song is slow. For example, whenever i perform a move or attack, it takes a extra second for it to play, which makes the timing way off. Anyone know how to fix this?

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clean your DC lens, most likely its having read errors, also, make sure the spinny part in the middle (motor) can spin freely and there is nothing jamming it


to unjam your GD-ROM and make sure it spins right...


spin it with your fingers, then put a BLANK CD-R IN IT, listen to it spin up to 52X :blink: that will whip any crap out for ya!!


and you thought your DC was loud....hehe.....not THIS loud...

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Yeah i got that game too but i dont think it was echolnfag, when ever i play it it makes a lot of noise, like when ever i perform a move, thats the only game that it makes MONSTER INFINITY noise like that.

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hmm, im going to guess your image got screwed up somewhere along the way...ask whoever you dowloaded it from if it works for them.


Echelon rips all work fine for me...


From now on, do this, Get the latest Alchohol 120% (ask me if you need it) and burn in RAW/DAO


its just so easy to do its rediculous that way, if that doesnt work, its the image, or your DC, make sure your DC is clean, use my guide thats posted here

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Its probably the image. I kind of got worried when it came out to be 709 megs when i extracted it. Oh well, i guess ill play King of Fighter 2002, its a better game anyways.


PS How do you overburn in Alcohol?


Nevermind, i figured out the mystery.

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Yeah soul calibur was tight until f@##$ ps2 had to F#$%# it up

last blade 2, weapons never felt to light :D

cap vs. snk2, didnt like it so much because they made it too flashy, the anouncer got on my nerves, and the fights would take too damn long, i liked part1 better, something about it makes me want to play it again...

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