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best kawaks hacked emu ever


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???at www.neo-arcadia.vze.com there is a new update of kawks that can run metal slug 5, metal slug 4, rage of the dragons, kof 2002, power instinct melee, samurai shodown 5, capcom vs. snk plus final, and crouching tiger hidden dragon 2003. :D:P<_<:D:P


right now the site is closed, but it will be back tommorow,(luckily i got mine last night with all those games).


Note* you have to download the roms off of there site because other sites have different files. even if the other file u downloaded is of by 1kb from the neo-arcadia versions it wont work.

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instructions:go to file---> load game. then on the right side choose "only available" then click rescan all. all the games u have in the roms folder should appear. double click on the game u want to play. hope it works. :P

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lol :D, na i made sure everything was properly configured and everything macthed, but the dumb thing doesn't work. and i do use the kawaks loader, and the rom doesn't show up. does it work for you?  :)

i guess your using windows xp..

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