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want to know about the raiden series

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i hardly play on arcades because i never have quarters im always have dollar bill, plus the stupid change machine is never working, so i thats why i havent seen or played any of the raiden games so can some one help me out here. can some one post some pic of older raiden games or something.
ive really appreciate for help.

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check the above for some info (plus many other shmups)~

just to sum up, raiden (1) is on mame. go get it.

raiden 2 is the one with the pink toothpaste that whips around like a windshield wiper and locks onto things. god, i love that weapon. there's a pc version floating around. i have it somewhere but music didn't come with it for some reason. there's a psx version bundled with probably 1,2, and something else.

i don't remember playing dx (probably in psx version) and others. google it for fansites.

"eat my pink toothpaste!!!" raiden 2 is the _best_. mame has many wonderful shmups you might have missed at the arcade. vasara 1-2, varth, striker series, *donpachi, giga wing and guwange are some of my favorites. (a local pool hall near me has a varth cabinet~ i deposit quarters into it on a regular basis, kakak~)

the change machine was broken? excuses excuses~ that's when you _bug_ the hell out of the manager/change guy until blood comes out of their ears~


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