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just need alittle help?

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i just download the XP patch and for some reson i get to the screen that either says turn video into 640 x480x16 (y or n) and if i put no it kicks me out of mugen, if i click yes the screen goes dark and kicks me out of mugen too........can some one tell me whats wrong?


Video card ----> Voodoo3

Operating system ----> Window XP

Ram -----> 256


plz someone help :ph34r:

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When I got this error, I exited Mugen and changed the VESA mode in my configuration and it fixed the problem.

Try using the configurator and change the VESA mode to a different type, or manually edit the INI file if you're more comfortable doing it by hand.

Then launch Mugen again.

Trial and error process.

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