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  1. are you talking about Ai? if so i seem Krizalid take out both evil ryu,evil ken,orge,broily, or 2 of each at the same time..... if you wanna test put him agaist master geesse, Geese will not win....... AI, Krizalid's ai beats all........ im still haveing problems with him while i have already found out all other mugen chars patterm:D
  2. Wolverine x2 can beat all of them...with his cheap masive damage supers and normal moves....even his launcher is not blockable in the air (maybe the cheapest char i have ever seem) other than that all you have to do is look at a pattern that keeps repeating... example..... evil ken (one major thing he likes to do is slow fireball follow by a (CvS super jump) into a diveing kick) just counter that and he is easyly beat....
  3. still doing the same it will not let me start mugen.... i change to vesa 1-3 and nothing....
  4. i just download the XP patch and for some reson i get to the screen that either says turn video into 640 x480x16 (y or n) and if i put no it kicks me out of mugen, if i click yes the screen goes dark and kicks me out of mugen too........can some one tell me whats wrong? Video card ----> Voodoo3 Operating system ----> Window XP Ram -----> 256 plz someone help
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