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Mr. X ...a small request


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I have read on your post that it doesn't matter much what the crc on the roms are, as long as they are named correctly, and have the correct file size. I have also downloaded many roms of the correct name, and file length that just don't work as well as others. Many have no console mode support, some P1 roms on svcplus don't have the final 4 bosses unlocked, and others just don't seem to work.


I was wondering if you could post a dat or send me a shot pack of exactly what roms you are using on your version of Kawa-X SE. I would like to make a ClrMamepro dat of what roms "for sure" work correctly, and you are working with.


I would really appreciate it, and thanks for all the work you've done on Kawa-X SE.

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