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MAMEUI64 0.264.0


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MAMEUI64 0.264.0 has been released.

Available at https://messui.1emulation.com


A newer compiler is used: GCC 11.2 (mamedev version)

Added some previews of improvements that might appear in MAME in the near future

- Sinclair computers: zx80, pc8300, pow3000, lambda: fixed the display, are now playable.

- Added Colecovision SGM (Super Game Module) support (from PR#10816)

- In dkong TKG-02 board, fixed a regression with the background colour (from PR#11170 and MT05052)


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Thanks. I think this will be the last version for XP as the project coordinator has decided that GCC 10.3 will be the minimum version going forward.

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