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⬛ Mame64UI's Black screen of death


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First off I wanna say I love Mame64UI, I'm happy to have discovered it. It's kick started a real resurgence in my playing classic Arcade Games. All the games I played for weeks and weeks as they toured the arcades where I lived as a teen? Yup! All those games I only ever played once, while visiting a random towns in the middle of nowhere, and immediately loved but never ever saw again let alone played, until I grabbed it's ROM and played it on Mame64UI??? Yup!

Black Widow, Gunsmoke, Quantum?

Hell yeah!

But every so often when I escape out of a Mame64UI gaming session the screen stays black and there is nothing on gods green earth that will make this go away.

I've tried restarting the windows Graphics driver by pressing Ctrl+Shift,Win+B.

I don't know anything I can do to stop it happening... can anyone give me any suggestions?

I'm playing the latest MameUI64 0.262.0 on Windows 11.

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I don't have Windows 11 due to Microsoft limitations, so MAMEUI is not officially supported on that OS.

However I assume that other people know if it works or not. I've never heard of the black screen problem but assume it's a local issue with your video.

Let's see if anyone else knows something.


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Yeah fingers crossed someone has had a similar issue and knows a solution. When the problem manifests there isn't event a vestigial Mame process causing the blank screen.

I'm considering scripting up a logoff keystroke to see if going through that process will help.


If I find a solution I'll be sure to document it here.

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Played not so much on Windows 11 but at this point everything goes well. When I push ESC the game returns to the MameUI interface with no problem.

Make a Windows 7 partition, Windows 11 it's still very unstable.

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This issue was 100% caused by the graphic driver running my Asus ProArt B650-CREATOR motherboards built in graphic card. As soon as I upgraded to a separate discrete graphic card (and rebooted) this issue went away.

Thanks to people replying anyway. Viva la MameUI64!

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