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Hi! i want to recover my old account

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Him, greetings,   my name is cristian sorry my english, 


I cant use my old account anymore, because 1emulation bloqued my email server


my old account





My email is:    theelf@email.com


Look like 1emulation bloqued email.com domain to recive emails, then i cant recover my old account, password, etc


someone can help me?  i really like to have my old account, not  theelf01 jeje



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3 hours ago, Robert said:

The address you have there is not the one in your old account.


Hi thanks for reply, can you send me a MP to know what is my email in this account??? no idea...  


Maybe when raine forum move to 1emulation i tried to register with mi email, and because was bloqued i used another one...  but cant remember thanks


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