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Pengo and Pengo2u bugs


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I havent downloaded the latest version of Raine, but noticed graphic decoding glitches in Pengo and Pengo2u - both occurring in the demo when the austral aurora is shown. Was this present in old versions of Raine? I believe this is the first time I noticed this bug.

Tried Raine 0.96.5 x64 on Windows


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Didn't know it neither, might be very old, it's not amongst the most played games... ! Reproducible with the asm version too...

It was extremely old indeed, from between 0.43.1 & 0.43.2 ! But it was a stupid mistake, related to how regions with more than 1 gfx layout are handled, the big target here was cps2, and it got most of the work, and pengo stayed with some not totally finished code, which produced this effect. The fix is 2 lines only actually, but it took me quite a while to find out what happened !

Thanks for the report !


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