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Finally : Raine 0.96 !


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1 hour ago, mer-curious said:

Thank you for this new release, Tux!

In the list of fixes you forgot to mention the bug with the index information in the CUE file for NGCD games, which was discussed in the long 0.95.5 thread. And as a cosmetic change you (re)added the program version to the title bar for when playing NGCD games too.

Thank you again for your work! 🙏

Yeah they were lost in the long list of little changes, the cue index was quite specific, and the version on the title bar is very minor.

Long time no see, good to see you around here again ! :)

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This is an excellent release and thanks so much for this!

I look forward to seeing the same changes for sh2 reflected in the Win-x64 build at some point. I will enjoy the Win-x32 version in the meantime :)

I really wish this is not the end of your commitment to Raine :)

And I will also post the update to the official Zzap!Raine Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ZzapRaine

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