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Cleaning up HBMAME


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There's 2 things I want to say here.

1. Since there's no dat files in existence that target HBMAME (even after all these years), the History tab in HBMAMEUI will be removed, hopefully in the next release.

2. There's lots of useless-looking old hacks for King of Fighters (various), Metal Slug (various), Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Captain Commando, The Punisher, Street Fighter II, Warriors of Fate/Sangokushi II/Tenchi wo Kurai II, Knights of Valor (various), and Oriental Legend (various). Nobody knows what the differences are, nobody knows how to activate any special moves or modes, and nobody even knows why they are included. So next year, these hacks will be removed, unless there's something you guys want to keep. I'll keep things which are obviously different, and also keep language translations. But you'll need to point out what else you want.
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