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New appimage and 0.95.2 released !


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I was contacted by someone who couldn't make the appimage from about 1 year go to work, it was 0.93.x version, with very old dependencies... So this time I took the time to create a virtual machine to test this in mint 21.2 (which I don't like a lot !), and the appimage got a few updates (only the 64 bits version is updated, I have currently no setup to build the 32 bits version so I must restart it from scratch and it would take too much time). The audio seems slightly delayed in the VM, but except that everything seems ok now, couldn't contact internet archive but it was a VM problem, I should add a cancel button to the curl dialog but it will be for another time ! By the way this fat archive weights 16 Mb which is about 8 times the size of a normal release !!! At least you get all the optional data files + the dependencies inside, and it should work on any linux distrib having at least glibc-2.29 (which is very old, it's bionic ubuntu). It's a last resort if you can't install any normal version...

And there were a few bugs in accessing some files in the appimage which pushed me to fix quite a few paths which were wrong also for windows, it's a miracle that some functions worked in windows, maybe I didn't test them enough, and it explains mer-curious problems with the ips files ! (and it's a crazy bug, sometimes a path with / is accepted, but sometimes not).

Anyway except the big heap of paths fixed, there is the 2nd fix for the default value of speed hacks in neogeo... !

Hoping it's the last time I cope with these silly bugs ! But the experience in the virtual machine was interesting anyway... !

You can get this here : http://raine.1emulation.com/download/latest.html

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And I finally managed to update the i386 appimage too, you'll need an os which can run i386 binaries obviously though, on debian it requires what they call multiarch, look for that on the internet if you want details, you'll need at least dpkg --add-architecture i386 followed by the installation of a few basic libs.

Tested on a mint 21.2 virtual machine, built on a bionic ubuntu docker container (and it obliged me to switch to a 5.x kernel to avoid to get an incompatible shared lib, but on arch 5.x is almost not supported anymore,  I could get it using downgrader, but it was in a text console only ! Luckily it was enough to build SDL2, and I had the problem only with SDL2).

Anyway that's not the kind of thing I'd like to update often. Both versions have shrunk this time though, it's down to a little less than 14 Mb which is still huge for a raine release, but it was 16 Mb before !

Also the command line is supported of course, from a terminal you can launch :

./Raine-x86_64.AppImage -gl

to get the list of supported games for example.

Anyʍay I learnt a few tricks while doing this, even if it was very long to do !

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Hello Tux!

Thank you so much for this new release.

As you expect, I was finally able to load the game with the IPS patches enabled in this version. The patches seem to be working properly, except that I receive a message telling about some incompatibility with some ROM files, like this:


But the patches seem to work OK regardless of this warning.

Except that, some bugs which I reported in my previous posts remain not fixed yet. They are:

- the crash when you try to open an empty folder in the IPS selector. You said this crash was right to happen, but isn't it possible to throw a message to the user here, something like "No *.dat files in this folder.", and then return to the folder selection instead of crashing? Maybe this would be a more elegant solution for this limitation, no?
- the gui glitch in the IPS file selector reported here.

Anyway, I'm very happy that we have this feature working in Windows now. I think Raine is virtually in parity with FBNeo feature-wise, even more if we think about the sound associations. The only thing lacking I guess is the rasters emulation in NG and CPS2 games.

Thank you so much again for your work and for not giving up on Windows just yet. 😅

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For the conflict I had already spotted this one and told you about it in the original thread when I created the feature, quite a long time ago already. It's right, the 1st report of length 2 is harmless, but not the 2nd, so expect the last applied to take priority here.

For the rest yeah the crash is fixable, but it's not a a generic file browser, the files here are supposed to be in a precise format, if not then it's not a surprise to get a crash.

And for the glitch you are probably the only one thinking about maximizing the window in the middle of this and then complain that it looses its selection after doing this. I'll probably take a look at both... but it's really not a high priority !

By the way : surprising bug found while testing the appimage and the turbo key : sdl2 actually handles key repetition despite the fact that they removed the function to control the key repeat speed ! There is a field to indicate is an event is from a key repeat and I completely missed it ! And nobody noticed until we tried the turbo key and so it's held down for long enough to trigger a key repeat, which triggers havoc !

It's fixed, it's very easy to fix, but it was really surprising !


Edited by Tux
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Ok finally fixed the last bugs of the multi file selection for the ips dat file (resizing, + deletion of the ini file when there is no selection anymore, and counting the selections was wrong when changing an already existing ini file).

I might release a binary later, it's just small bug fixes, but annoying ones.

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