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Mameoxtras Decade (new update)


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MAMEoXtras Decade
by gamezfan

New games now supported
Back Fire (Tecmo)
Big Fight - Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean
Heavy Unit
Hook (Japan Version)

games fixed and now playable
Deroon DeroDero
Freekick (official Sega Version)
Golden Axe (Version 2)
Jungle Hunt / Jungle King / Pirate Pete (crash on final level)
Shooting Gallery
Space Cruiser
Space Seeker
Toukidenshou - Angel Eyes

games with graphical imrovements
64th. Street - A Detective Story
Alpine Ski
Avenging Spirit
Beast Busters
Big Striker
Bio Attack
Chimera Beast
Double Dragon 3
E.D.F. : Earth Defense Force
Elevator Action
Elevator Action Returns
Highway Race
In Your Face
Jungle Hunt / Jungle king / Pirate Pete
Legend Of Makai
Mario Bros
Mechanized Attack
Mega Blast
P-47 - The Phantom Fighter
Plus Alpha
Red Clash
Saint Dragon
Shingen Samurai-Fighter
Taxi Driver
The Astyanax
The Combat Tribes
The Tin Star
Water Ski
Wild Western
Zero Hour

games now with sound
Special Forces
Special Forces II
Zero Hour

games with sound improvements
Big Event Golf
B-Rap Boys
Congo Bongo
Great Thousand Mile Rally
Great Thousand Mile Rally 2
Kick Goal
The Legend Of Silkroad

games now with sound sample support
Zero Hour

Games Now With New And Improved Samples
Congo Bongo

general fixes and imrovements
Added a totally new driver with pandora drawing hacked cpu banking and Mermaid MCU to support Heavy Unit [arcadez, Mistydreams]
Fixed the official romset for Free Kick [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added a previously missing graphical effect for Mega Blast now when you get the green pickup the shield orb on your ship can be seen [HAZE, arcadez]
Added support for the Tatsumi driver supporting Big Fight - Big Trouble In The Atlantic Ocean [Mame2003 Dev Team]
Updated the Tecmo Sys driver to MAME126 both Deroon DeroDero and Touki Denshou - Angel Eyes are now playable [Haze, Arcadez, dink]
Hooked up the missing SN76496 sound for Special Forces and Special Forces II in the dkong.c driver both games now have Sfx and music [arcadez]
Fixed some serious graphical problems affecting Zero Hour wrong colours bullet width tilemaps etc etc Red Clash will also benefit from this [Hap, dink, arcadez]
Added sound sample support for Zero Hour which was totally silent previously [dink, Otto_Pylotte, MistyDreams, arcadez]
Sorted broken dip switches in Mr Do's Castle, Do! Run Run and Mr Do's Wild Ride plus fixed the sound for Indoor Soccer [MAMEDev, arcadez, SapphireDrew]
Fixed broken sound in Hachoo and Kick Goal plus sorted some graphical priority issues for 64th. Street - A Detective Story [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added sprite buffering to the megasys1 driver improving the gfx for 64th. Street - A Detective Story, Avenging Spirit, Chimera Beast, Cybattler
E.D.F. : Earth Defense Force, Hachoo, In Your Face, Legend of Makai, P-47 - The Phantom Fighter, Ninja Kazan, Plus Alpha, Rod-Land, Saint Dragon
Shingen Samurai-Fighter, The Astyanax + more also added missing prio prom dumps for the games that did not have em already [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Fixed Dragon Gun from locking up on the final boss and sorted an issue with the energy bar being missing also on the final boss [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added missing dac sounds speech and crowd cheers etc etc to Taito's Big Event Golf [arcadez]
Fixed broken sound for the classic Williams game Inferno by backporting a sound cpu hack from later MAME [Aaron Giles, arcadez]
Prevented The Electric Yo-Yo from hanging during the attract mode by interleaving the CPU's [MAME Dev, arcadez]
Updated some parts of the Taito SJ code to MAME 103 vastly improving the emulation for Elevator Action, Jungle Hunt, Sea Fighter Poseidon and more [MAME Dev, arcadez]
Fixed an issue where Space Seeker would not coin up and start due to a previous commit which added an invalid input game now playable again [arcadez]
Stopped Space Cruiser from crashing on the asteroids level and added the dedicated button for the continue mode [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Fixed Jungle Hunt / Jungle King / Pirate Pete from crashing on the last level [MEMEDev, arcadez]
Sorted a gfx niggle with Mario Bros where the screen would shake incorrectly left/right rather than up/down when you hit the POW box [MAMEDEv, arcadez]
Added support for Woodpecker to the pacman.c driver [MAMEDEv, arcadez, mahoneyt944]
Added sound banking to the OKIM6295 in silkroad.c fixing missing Sfx and Speech in The Legend Of Silkroad [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added the Prom dump for Taxi Driver and hooked up the palette init fixing colours in the game [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Improved the sound for Congo Bongo by adding new samples and reclocking the 2nd SN76496 channel to fix the drums tempo [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Added support for Back Fire to the Tecmo driver [MAMEDev, arcadez]
Fixed broken attract mode and likely other problems with the japan sets of Undercover Cops due to incorrect speedup addresses [Bryan Mcphail, Scandy]
Fixed some missing graphics in Beast Busters and Mechanized Attack then sorted sprite priorities on level 2 in Beast Busters [bmcphail, dink, arcadez]
Added a new hack to fix the lights dont go out when shot in Elevator Action Returns and clones which doesn't break the gfx on the game ending [dink, arcadez]
Fixed some serious graphical issues on the final level in Double Dragon 3 and the third level in The Combat Tribes [arcadez, Cibomatto2002]
Fixed collisions in Golden Axe (Version 2) and improved the irq timers for Body Slam [mahoneyt944]
Added support for Snapper to the system16 driver and hooked up the sound and music [mahoneyt944, arcadez]
Fixed sound popping on B-Rap Boys and some sound banking niggles with The Great Thousand Mile Rally games [Mistydreams, arcadez]
Added support for the Japan version of Hook to the m92 driver [arcadez]
Fixed Shooting Gallery in dkong.c by adding the inputs and lightgun crosshairs [arcadez]

download includes emulator,new roms and new samples.




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Mameoxtras decade bonus

new game

Top Driving

Nice driving game a clear World Rally rip off but it's decent enough

Simply delete your previous save file and drop the xbe's rom and screenshot over the top of your existing MAMEoXtras build enjoy.

DL link everything included



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