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Support for game IPS patches in Raine


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The checking code is in place, and too bad for you, it finds 2 conflicts in your collectio

The 1st one is between the infinite time and the practice mode, I tested ingame and both seem to work which is rather surprising, I might look better into this one, the 2 might have some code in common then (the checker just checks if they write to the same place in rom, it doesn't check what is written).

And the 2nd one is about the bonus characters, it's a pack, and there is a conflict between the 5th and the 6th, it's in the sprites rom so it might create graphical glitches. It's for 2 characters only though.

If you reply no to the dialog it quits immediately, which might not be my best idea here, maybe just a message at the end with the list of conflicts would be enough.

Notice that it gives the name of the ips file, most of the time without extension because there is no extension given in the dat file, but at this point the name of the dat file is lost, so you have to find it by yourself.

I hope the screenshots will show, but they should...

Also I added some support for the crc given in most dat files because sometimes the rom name is bad and in this case you can recover with the crc, what we already do when loading a rom so it's not really a surprise (found an example with 2-flash.dat which is a variation on the infinite time you used, this date shares the same patch as your dat so it has the same conflict, but it also has the bad rom name which can be recovered if using the crc !).

I think it's not bad for a release, but it's too late for that. And I'll replace the dialog by a list of conflicts at the end of loading tomorrow... !

Notice these guys must like instability to add the ability to combine these patches when 1 patch alone is often not perfect and without a way to check for conflicts... !



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Hey good news, one of the conflict resolved itself during the night !

I was just getting tired last night and forgot to check the patches applied to the same rom !

So you keep only the 1st one, the time and training conflict.

Ok I think it's finished now... !

And I looked a little more in this conflict : there are 2 parts, the 1st part is harmless, code in common, but the 2nd part is not.
Now in this case the patch which "wins" is the one which is applied last, here it's the time patch, so I guess a part at least of the training is broken if you keep this time patch.

If you want to change the order of the patches just change the order of the lines in the ini file, notice this ini file doesn't like to be edited by hand, don't leave anything like an empty line when you save it !

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Posted (edited)

I just added support for bps files, not sure it will really be useful, but I found an example of a patch using a bps here : https://www.romhacking.net/hacks/6689/

and I was curious to see it working, even if nes graphics are quite ugly... !

In the end it works. You need to create a dat file manually for this example, extract the bps files to a dkong directory in the ips directory, then put this into the dat file :

c-2j.bpr    c-2j    CRC(d6412358)
c-2k.bpr    c-2k    CRC(e273ede5)
l_4m_b.bin    l_4m_b    CRC(59f8054d)
l_4n_b.bin    l_4n_b    CRC(672e4714)
l_4r_b.bin    l_4r_b    CRC(feaa59ee)
l_4s_b.bin    l_4s_b    CRC(20f2ef7e)
v_3pt.bin    v_3pt    CRC(15e9c5e9)
v_5h_b.bin    v_5h_b    CRC(12c8c95d)

Kana Kong Arcade v1.0


The crc infos are totally optional, in fact these crcs are given in the bps files, but they are just used in the end to check everything went correctly for now.

It was fun adding this anyway !

this bps support doesn't check for conflicts, I wouldn't imagine applying more than 1 bps file to a rom even if in theory it's possible...

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