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issue in megasys1 (tiles/layer missing)


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first of all, let me say thank you Tux for making and updating such an incredible emulator. it's really special to me how Raine uses such a small amount of resources, both RAM and CPU, and I find this really impressive.

in Jaleco Mega System 1, there's a problem in the game Soldam in the high score screen. The graphics are not drawn completely. I'm on archlinux and have tried opengl and sdl2 renderers, 32-bit and 64-bit builds, they all seem to have the same problem:


On the left side is how the screen looks in Raine, on the right side is how it looks in other emulators. It seems like the tiles aren't being drawn to the screen for that area.

This issue is easily reproducible: start a new single player game and choose hard difficulty, where you start with 2 million points. Top out immediately and you'll be taken to this high score input screen.

I really prefer using Raine and I also love playing this game, so I hope that you can take a look at this issue. Thank you very much Tux!

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Wow, this is some super old bug, from 2000 at least, I must confess I never played soldam (japenese game so...).

You read japenese ?

So this is some very old code from Antiriad, I made some tests and found your disappeared layer, it's because it's usually drawn as 16x16 sprites but for this screen specifically, it's drawn with 8x8 sprites, and this was unexpected, the 8x8 sprites are not available !

I'll need to read some more code to see how/if the 8x8 sprites can be generated, it's probably not too complicated, but it's some totally unknown territory here... !

Thanks for the nice things too by the way, and nice to see another arch user ! :)

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2 hours ago, Tux said:

You read japenese ?

Nope, I don't - there's another romset in english, I added that one to megasys1.c and compiled myself.

there's 4 file differences, seen below, and also it uses DecodeStDragon(ROM);  instead of DecodePlusAlpha(ROM); for loading.

https://edgeemu.net/details-383707.htm     & https://edgeemu.net/details-383708.htm


static struct ROM_INFO rom_soldam[] =
  LOAD8_16( CPU1, "2ver1j.bin", 0, 0x00020000, 0x45444b07),
  LOAD8_16( CPU1, "1euro.bin", 0+1, 0x00020000, 0x9f9da28a),

  LOAD8_16( CPU1, "soldam3.bin", 0x40000, 0x00010000, 0xc5382a07),
  LOAD8_16( CPU1, "soldam4.bin", 0x40000+1, 0x00010000, 0x1df7816f),
  LOAD8_16( CPU1, "soldam5.bin", 0x60000, 0x00010000, 0xd1019a67),
  LOAD8_16( CPU1, "soldam6.bin", 0x60000+1, 0x00010000, 0x3ed219b4),
  LOAD( SOUND2, "soldam8.bin", 0, 0x00040000, 0xfcd36019),
  LOAD( SOUND1, "soldam10.bin", 0, 0x00040000, 0x8d5613bf),
  LOAD( GFX1, "14ver1.bin", 0, 0x00080000, 0x73c90610),
  LOAD( GFX2, "18ver1.bin", 0, 0x00080000, 0xe91a1afd),

  LOAD( GFX3, "soldam19.bin", 0, 0x00020000, 0x38465da1),
  LOAD( GFX4, "soldam23.bin", 0, 0x00080000, 0x0ca09432),
   {           NULL,          0,          0, 0, 0, 0, },

There's actually a couple more missing megasys1 games that are in MAME: Jitsuryoku!! Pro Yakyuu (Japan), Big Striker, In Your Face (Prototype).



" I made some tests and found your disappeared layer" awesome! thank you very much.

this is a pretty niche game, but there's a small core of devoted fans, because the gameplay is still really really good.


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ok, it's fixed in git, but I'll try to add this english soldam rom tomorrow then !

(and so you tested soldam already and the speed hack applies without modification ? What a luck ! But I'll see that tomorrow, it's getting late !)

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Ok, it's fixed for good this time apparently, sorry I had broken the region switch for this game and since I didn't play raine a lot lately I didn't notice, it happened because of mer-curious string changes in the main menu... ! But I should have noticed that anyway.

I also fixed the hiscore.dat for soldamj

But even in english, I am not sure I completely understand this game, my lines don't always disappear... oh well !!!

This means adding the english romset is not necessary, just use the region switch in the main menu to switch to "sodam - america", and the texts turn to english.

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