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Galaxy Game


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Hi all ! Although I am a long time user, this is my first post.
Posting this here because the Arcade64 forum seems to have disappeared. I really hope the project has not been cancelled.
I noticed that the venerable Galaxy Game, one of the earliest coin-op video game http://adb.arcadeitalia.net/?mame=galgame is not listed in latest Arcade 0.249.0
It seems to meet the usual inclusion criteria and was listed in MAMEUI 0.248.0
Can I please hope that it will appear in a future version ?

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21 hours ago, Robert said:

I could never get that game to start playing. If you know how, do tell.

Well, I just played it.

It uses the default controls, nothing special.

I use an azerty french keyboard but this is what it should be on a qwerty one:

5 = coin

left-right arrows/CTRL/Alt = select level

left-right arrows = P1 spin left/right

CTRL = P1 fire

Alt = P1 thrust

Space = P1 hyperspace

D-G = P2 spin left/right

A = P2 fire

S = P2 thrust

Q = P2 hyperspace

That's an antique, it is completely silent but it is the very first dogfight game.





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After a bit more button mashing I was able to get it to play.

The first problem is there's 4 settings on the screen which can't be adjusted. One of the them specifies 2 players, so therefore you need at least 2 coins in.

If you know how to adjust those settings, tell me.

Another bug I noticed is when F3 is pressed it's supposed to reset the game but instead it goes completely black.

If the settings can be adjusted then I'll add it.

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Sorry, I'm a bit late on this one but life forced me to focus on other things.

I always thought that the game was two player only, even if the menu was a bit confusing...

Thanks for adding it, it's a real pleasure to find a dev as reactive as you.


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