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How to access the ARCADE forum

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Due to harrassment and snooping by a certain individual, the ARCADE forum has been secured.

To gain access, you firstly need to register, and then make one post in the Gossip Cafe to identify yourself.

After that, access will be granted.

Once that's done, there may be further info in the topic:

If the security is modified, then this topic will be updated with the information you need.

NOTE: If you make a new account, you need a real address so that you can receive a validation email (look in your Junk Mail / Spam folder). Using a throwaway address will not let you gain access, and is also not allowed.

Users of gmail will still experience the issue that is explained here:

We're sorry that it's come to this, unfortunately it's the way the world is these days.

Enjoy your stay here. :)


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