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NeoGeo Prototype Previews by Rou20221

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I'm going to post here the youtube account of this user. - Twitter account is going to get deleted very soon.

If you are interrested on is database i'm uploading over here: https://archive.org/details/files-by-ro-u-2022_202211

Updates: Removing 11 clone videos from twitter and moved to youtube.

Just keep a eye on him.

Remember, if i delete the archive link, that means i'm uploading in a nother package, just tag me as fav on this website.

Enjoy. :)



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Posted (edited)

Rou2023 is Mr. Akiyama. 

I hope is ready to fix all those missing games and release it at public on steam for example, besides Q.P. Quality People for NeoGeo CD is 90% to be completed.

Some info's from him.


Is around somewere in japan and i hope it will save this.

Rou2023 is gone, but the files will be intact until wayback shut it down for good.


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