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Kuri Kinton in english language in an Raine old version


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I known Raine since 2001 and that version only had Taito games.
That version had option to change resolution and even game codes.

I remember trying play Kuri Kinton with an old version. I not remember if was an version from 2001 or 2002.
I had changed anything in dip switch or even enabled an game code.
When playing had english language in bosses messages.

Only sharing that information.
I not see in current version any option to enable english language. Not demanding it. Only trying understand because had changed the game language.
Perhaps the game has any memory address to change the language that not was added as option in release ?

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Well there is simply a romswitch, that is a language selection for the rom.

Plus 3 versions supported anyway, kurikint, kurikina and kurikinj. All 3 support the romswitch.

Can't tell which one gives english messages for the bosses, either the american one, and maybe the japan without notice.

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Looked a little more into kuri kinton :

 - removed the Japanese romset kurikinj since it's exactly the same rom as kurikint except for the region byte
 - the region byte is now taken from the main rom, it was taken from the data rom before and it was a hack
 - the kurikina romset has lots of differences, it's an alternate version, maybe a prototype.

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