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Setting up the cheats in NeoRaine for Samurai Shodown RPG.


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NeoRaine has been merged into raine in 2013 ! you are 9 years old, yeah !

Anyway download the latest raine, I just uploaded a new 0.93.5 by the way, download also the corresponding dlls (32 or 64 bits), then you just need to launch the game, and once it's started you should see the cheats either by returning to the menu and choosing "Action replay cheats", or by pressing Alt-C by default while inside the game.

by the way there was some partially translated samurai spirits rpg, enough to be playable in english. I thought it was uploaded somewhere here, but I can't find it, it's an old file already, 2014, it replaces the default files in the iso, if you don't have it tell me and I'll put that somewhere...

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